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Why choose the mike svanidze team?

Maximum profits

When selling your house with the Mike Svanidze Real Estate team, you assure yourself high returns. Our team works hard to get your property sold for it’s maximum value.

top-rated Agent

Mike Svanidze was awarded the “Top 15% of Seller” agents in PA. Him and his team are ready to help you get your home sold in a matter of days!

Our promise to you

The Mike Svanidze Real Estate promises to help you out from moment you begin looking at houses to the time of closing. Our agents are just a phone call away whenever you need them!

Meet Mike Svanidze

Lancaster is a great place to live and work, which is why Mike chose to call it home. Growing up in Russia and then moving to the U.S, Mike landed in Lancaster, PA in 2004 and has lived here ever since. Real Estate is a passion for Mike, and with his background in digital media marketing and customer service, it is easy to see why more and more families have called Mike for help when buying and selling their homes. Mike Svanidze has been a part of the Keller Williams Elite family since 2020 and has since created his own team within Keller William Elite!

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residential real estate for sale in pa

Residential real estate

Residential real estate is the most common type of real estate that people buy. A residential home is a house that people purchase for the sole reason of living on the property. Residential property is mostly single homes & townhouses.

investment real estate for sale

investment real estate

Investment real estate is a bit different from traditional residential real estate. This type of real estate is for business or cash-flow. An investment property can be used to “flip” house once they appreciate or rent them out for monthly income.

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