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Residential real estate

Residential real estate is the most common type of real estate that people buy. A residential home is a house that people purchase for the sole reason of living on the property. Residential property is mostly single homes & townhouses.

investment real estate for sale

investment real estate

Investment real estate is a bit different from traditional residential real estate. This type of real estate is for business or cash-flow. An investment property can be used to “flip” house once they appreciate or rent them out for monthly income.

Benefits of Selling Your Home with Us

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Make More Money

When sellers choose to put their home for sale by owner they often never save anything. In some cases, they actually lose money. A study showed that people who decide to sell their homes themselves have sold for 5.5 – 6% less than similar properties sold by Realtors.

Greater Exposure

Only realtors can list your home on MLS. Because of this, people who decide to sell their home themselves lack marketing their home on MLS where most homes for sale are listed. This in-itself makes the seller lose a lot of exposure they could have by having a realtor list their home.

Skilled Negotiators

An experienced Realtor is a professional negotiator.  Since they are familiar with common negotiation tactics, there are few surprises during the transaction – resulting in better results and greater satisfaction & return for you in the end. 

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